Why do I need a photographer?


So really, why would I need a PHOTOGRAPHER?

  • You want a picture of your loved one

  • You or a loved one has lost a little weight and they are feeling good

  • You want a picture of you and your loved one, or someone in your life who is truly special to you

  • And that can be parents, siblings, children an adored pet. The list goes on for people who have affected our lives in so many positive ways

  • Your treasured possessions. We all have things that we just love. A portrait of you with your hard earned BMW or the Ducati that you only ride at track days.

  • You don’t always need a reason. Sometimes it’s just good to get a snapshot of you as you are now

When printing your own images, the quality doesn’t look like you’d expected (and it looks great on your phone screen)

This can be because the image was taken on a device with a very low resolution camera, or it was on a reasonable camera but in low light with automatic settings, etc, etc. There are so many reasons why images print badly. From high ISO introducing lots of noise, to shooting with a high F stop so everything is in sharp focus around the subject so that they don’t really stand out enough, to issues with White Balance (over saturated red skin tones, things looking too 'yellowy’ or ‘bluey’). There are so many things that can ruin a good picture. And that is why we still have photographers in an age where most people have a camera on them everyday. And these cameras are just great for things like Instagram and Facebook (the best camera you have, is the one you have on you - anonymous) but they don’t offer the fidelity of a dedicated Camera that is designed to shoot at higher resolutions and be able to be printed in much bigger sizes while retaining the fidelity of the shot. And that is just the tip of the iceberg on the hardware side without going into studio lights, etc.

What you are buying is ULTIMATELY the photographers expertise and what you like about their work

It could be the way the light falls on the subjects, the poses, or just everything about certain shots that you like. We all see the world differently and sometimes that persons view on the world resonates with us, or we can see someone or someones who would look great under that view. This view on the world, technical expertise with the camera, lighting and posing all culminates with great prints for you that you can keep and have as family heirlooms if you so wish.

But I’m just not photogenic

Some people just feel awful about how they look in photographs or phone snaps. This isn’t something that I can be reductive about and dismiss as ‘your issue’ because quite simply 99% of the time it isn’t. It can be bad lighting, a bad angle (sounds ridiculous but the very shape of your face can be highlighted by just turning your head a different direction and the way the light falls onto it) or someone has just caught you in that split second that you look just plain weird. Even Beyonce isn’t immune to this. We can all look bad in photos, we all have looked bad in photos. There are things we don’t like about ourselves. Our weight, our noses, our lack of hair, the list really could take over the page, but you get the point. If you want a shoot and you are worried about something, somethings or just about everything about a shoot give me a call or email me to schedule a 30 minute consultation. It’s just a chat. You aren’t obligated in anyway at all. You won’t be added to a mailing list and bombarded with inane emails. You call, we have a friendly chat, and we see if we are a good fit, and we can discuss how I can help resolve any of your worries or issues for a shoot.

My goal for you

From headshots & portraits to branding sessions, my aim is to find the you, that you are happy to present to the outside world. The head-shot on spotlight or your profile shot on LinkedIn. Or the prints to be viewed just by yourself or friends and family or the framed portrait of your family you have proudly over your fireplace. it’s all about you.

Why should I pay for a makeup artist?

Below are a few examples of before and after the Victoria Garcia MUA (Make Up Artist) has performed her magic. Like a good photographer, I personally feel makeup artists are worth their weight in gold. You are paying for their expertise with a myriad of skin tones, their ability to understand what works and what doesn’t work for you and their ability to listen to any concerns you have and resolve them with you prior to the camera clicking! See here for Victoria’s thoughts on makeup.

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