Your Portrait Session: The Experience

You are wonderful


Rediscover how marvellous you are and show people how you want to be seen

Why would I ever want a photo-shoot?

You are wonderful. No matter what you want to use your portrait shotS for, it's important that they reflect you as you want the world to see you. This is your opportunity to discover how really MARVELLOUS you are at this stage of your life.

What happens at the shoot?

at the session you will be pampered by a professional make-up and hair stylist and decked out in an outfit you feel great in. be it your favourite flowery dress and ballgown, that suit that makes you feel sharp, or that t-shirt that shows your arms off so well, you will look your best before I guide you through poses in the studio. Your portrait session is a celebration of you on a day of your choice.

Is there a fee involved upfront?

Yes there is a one off upfront session fee. this is £140.00 and that all goes to the makeup artist/stylist for their attendance for the duration of the shoot.

What does the session fee cover?

The session fee covers hair & makeup.

So I’ve paid £140.00 for the session fee. After the shoot am I obligated to buy any images?

ABSOLUTELY not. and we cannot stress that enough. We are confident in our ability to provide you with images you love. And At a date mutually defined by both parties, you will come back to the studio and look through the images. Then you can purchase what you love, or not. There will be no hard sell, no sales tricks. Our work speaks for itself and we stand by our work.

I am just not photogenic…

just because no one has taken a photo of you that you like, it doesn't mean it's you. a lot of people feel self conscious when a camera is pointed in their direction and We completely understand that. in your studio session, it’s not a race. We want to get the best possible shots of you that we can, and if we need to slow things down and the session over runs, then it over runs. This is your day. we will make you shine and we’ll create beautiful portraits of yourself or your loved ones. We are here to create them for you.

What are the options for buying?

You decide which photo collection you want to purchase when you see your fully edited photos during your photo viewing. You only purchase what you love. our wall portraits start at £225. and our Photo collections start at £750 (please feel free to email me for a full pricelist). All photos purchased include the high resolution digital image as well as low resolution images for use on social media and web use.

What does my portrait shoot include?

  • Preparatory consultation

  • PROFESSIONAL make up and hair styling. (Bring your own dresses or chose from a limited selection in the studio)

  • 3 hour session with styling and Photo Shoot.

  • Retouching of all images

  • Up to 2 people in one session

 I’ve read all of the above, and I really want to do it, but I just feel scared about doing it

We totally understand that. It is a big undertaking and sometimes doing something new like this is daunting and can cause anxiety.

in the studio on the day will be four people maximum, and that includes yourself. we are all there to make your day memorable, special and awesome.

I am very happy to take a phone call or meet for a coffee (where Possible) to discuss a shoot and anything about it that might be worrying you.

There is of course no fee involved here.

Flexible option - single images

Not everyone wants to buy a number of images. below are options to buy single images

Size                                                       Matted       Framed

1) 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10")                   £225        +£100

2) 30 x 40 cm    (12 x 16 ")        £360       +£130

3) 50 x 76 cm (20 x 30")                 £570       +£160

4) 101 x 68 cm (approx 40 x 27")  £730      +£190

You are welcome to bring someone along for moral support! 

Call me on 07917 686 011 to book your complimentary, no obligation consultation.

During a phone call, we'll talk about how you want to be photographed, I'll answer any questions you might have about my process, and we'll determine if my team are the right fit for you.