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The casting shot is your opportunity to present yourself acurately and at your best.  An agent will see your photo before they meet you. 

The shot needs to represent your visual sterotype and convey as much as possible your acting range. 

Given that pretty much anyone can take a picture with their mobile phone these days, is it really worth paying for professional shots?

It of course depends on what you are looking for. A selfie is fine for your Facebook profile, but if you are looking to impress directors and casting agents then a professional shot could make all the difference.


Headshot plan 1

£99.00 for a 90 minute studio headshot session
Three outfit changes
Three lightly retouched jpegs

Headshot plan 2

£130.00 for a 2 hour studio headshot session
Four outfit changes
Five lightly retouched jpegs  

Headshot plan 3

£180.00 for a 2 hour studio headshot session
Unlimited outfit changes
Eight lightly retouched jpegs


What do I need to do before the shoot? 

  • Come energised. We are looking to capture you as you want the world to see you

  • Try to get enough sleep and drink plenty of water
  • Bring a hair brush and any makeup you want to wear
  • Anything you are wearing should be ironed and looking it's best
  • Bring clothes that you feel great in.  Try to avoid fussy patterns as they will draw attention away from you