99 problems but an MUA ain't 1!

Sometimes you have plans in place, and they just fall through. You and your MUA friend have scghedued a test with an Agency model, and the model falls sick. Quite literally like hugging the porcelin in your house sick for over 45 minutes. So once they leave in a taxi to try and get themselves some sleep and medicine, you are left staring at each other. So rather than waste the time, your very white skinned MUA becomes the model!

While I realise the quote looks and sounds so very mean, it is sadly true.She is sooooooooo white skinned!

What this means however is that I have to work at my lighting with no real margin for error because her skin blows out ifI push the lights a bit!

Thanfully we spent the rest of the morning just goofing around, and here are some shots of Vicky :)

Vicky is so white I have at times referred to her as the human reflector
— Andrew Clifton-Brown 2019
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