Interesting people you meet: Lewis Howley

Wrestling is ballet with violence
— Jesse Ventura

When I was looking for a quote to use for this post, the one above from Jesse Ventura stuck out like a sore thumb. I grew up watching Johnny Saint, Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks wrestle on Saturday afternoon TV, and a number of my old BMX mates were WWF crazy back in the late eighties so I have a bit of a touchstone for wrestling and I’d watched a documentary recently on how hard wrestlers work. And dear lord do they work hard! While I’ll happily concede it’s very theatrical, the work they put in to be able to cope with the punishment that can inadvertently and/or deliberately happen in the ring is nothing short of physically epic.

And so when Lewis turned up for a shoot, the first thing that I saw when he got out of his car was that he was pretty big, and then I noticed how nice he was. We got chatting and it turns out he’s a professional wrestler, and is one half of the team ‘Pretty Deadly’ with Sam Stoker (they are at Brentford WWE this weekend) and they generally end up playing the bad guys in the ring. It was fascinating listening to him talking about injuries he’s sustained, and his love of his art.

You can find Lewis on his Instagram here & many thanks to BAME Models


Lewis Howley

“It’s a mixed reaction to what we do. Women love us, men hate us!”


And if you want to see Lewis and his partner doing an alternative take on the iconic dirty dancing scene, have a look below at the video on the left. Stay with it!

And a bit of slamming and hamming in the second video :)