Photo walking and why you should go on one

Photowalk? So you just go on a walk, with a camera?


photowalking is a communal activity of camera enthusiasts who gather in a group to walk around with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that interests each photographer. Etc, etc.

You can read it all here in the wiki entry that somehow really seems to sap the fun out of the definition ;)

Photo-walks were for me personally a chance to meet other photographers when I first got a shiny DSLR. I literally knew no other photographers when I started, and everything I learnt came from magazines or Web videos. I was really, really nervous to go out on a photo-walk and meet new people. I thought “they will all be better than me, they’ll have better gear, they just won’t like me…” etc, etc. Then G+ social media came along. There were so many London based photographers on there, and some of them organised photo-walks! So I added my name to the going list and turned up on my own. On the photo-walk and subsequent photo-walks, I met so many cool, inspiring and wonderful people. Some have become firm friends even if I don’t talk to them from one year to the next. And I of course met some real douche bags, photographer kit fiends, and just people i’d avoid generally but then that’s just everyday life as well 😀

If you have never been on a photo-walk, do yourself a favour this summer and go on one. They can be great fun! See who is doing them in an area near you, and just get out there and wander around with your camera and take some pictures

What a lovely way to spend a few hours 🙂🙂

Below are some shots I have taken on photo-walks before :)