I took a week off and no lay ins for me....


I tried to lay in every day.

Normally we get up at 5am and do pilates. It sounds batsh*t mad but it keeps my core strong, and I can face the day feeling less wrecked.

We got to lay in till about 5.30 every morning. Our cat Stoffe did his usual b*llshit and woke us up.  Now, why would he wake us up?  He wanted attention? I put him on the bed, stroked him in my half stupor and yet still he meows (and man, he has got a big meow! So I walk downstairs still half asleep to give him some dry food.  He stands up on his hind legs and peers into the dry food bin (it’s really cute), I put some of the dry food into the clearly not at all empty cat bowls on the floor, and I trudge back up stairs to bed. Two minutes later, he is back up in the bedroom and meowing.  So we have to get up. Within ten minutes he is bored of us and is out in the garden. None of the other cats do this. Just him.  My wife and I take it in turns to placate him each day.  So far we are failing miserably and clearly he does not respect a lay in....

My wife is awesome

She made me some Star Wars protein chocolate. 

Who doesn’t want to bite the head off a Carbonite Han Solo or swallow Bobba Fett (I’m looking at you Pit of Sarlac).


 Went horse riding to sharpen my technique. I was given a horse called OJ. Really nice horse, but he walked like a donkey at the Seaside, and cantered like Satan was after him. It was a fitting addition to my week! 


I beat my personal best at wide grip pull-ups :)

I did however manage to beat my personal best at wide grip pull-ups by one. 15. Doesn't sound like much, but anyone that does wide grip pull-ups will understand!

Watched the end of Game of Thrones

download (2).jpg
download (1).jpg

And chortled to myself at all the fan boy (and girl) outrage.  I didn’t mind it on the whole because it went all Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. And to be fair I wasn’t that invested in it :) I learnt adfter the end of #Lost’ that most TV writers don’t seem to understand what ‘Ending’ a TV show entails.


/ˈɛndɪŋ/Learn to pronounce


  1. an end or final part of something.

    "the ending of the Cold War"

    synonyms:end, finish, close, closing, conclusion, resolution, summing-up, denouement, finale, final scene, last act; More

    • the furthest part of something.

      "a nerve ending"

    • the final part of a word, constituting a grammatical inflection or formative element.

      "the student has to choose the right plural endings"

So with the incredibly crushing ending for a lot of people watch the below Makes me laugh every time :)

And best of all. I just spent more time with my wife. Sounds cheesy, but she makes me laugh, listens to me, and I love her to pieces. 

Also saw a Unicorn….

Andrew Clifton-Brown