Nikolay Voronkov & The Funny Side Comedy Club

So the other day I shot some off the cuff portraits with Nikolay Voronkov. It was informal, it was funny, it was because I like what he is doing.

I stumbled across him somehow on Instagram (as lots of us seem to collide on) and he is instantly likeable and funny. And funny in a world with so many pressures and failings is a commodity I embrace.

We chatted about community, paying back and our love of a good conspiracy theory. The conversation ran the gamut of just about everything I like and follow, and I was pleased I was able to provide him with images that he liked.

He runs the The Funny Side Comedy Club in Croydon or the #cronx as it’s endearingly hashtagged, and if you fancy a laugh, pop on down. I’m sure he’ll be pleased to see you.

I don’t really need to labour in the text about how the shoot went. You can get the vibe from the shoots shots :)