When in doubt, take pictures!


Dexter looking mean!

The longevity of a photo is far reaching

While the emotion that is tied to a memory can stay strong for the duration of our lives, the mental images can fade or become distorted. Case in point the picture of my beloved cat Dexter. Every time I look at it, I don’t see the fearsome looking beast you see there. I remember the funny awkward little thing he was as a kitten, or the loving, often dribbly thing he was when sitting with us. He was lovely, and sadly he passed a few years ago.

Yup photos lie

We all know this. The shot of Dexter above was just luck on my part (and the lie here is that he was just such a softie. Unless you were a TV remote control. He really, really did not care for them. he was a weirdo). I was testing some new lights and modifiers in the Garden when I saw Dexter drinking from our fountain. I swung the C-stand around and got a few shots off. It was lucky for me the Controller for the light was TTL and so it figured out the amount of light I needed and then a shot that made me look awesome :) As usual I digress, My point is that once I see the pictures of Dexter, my memory is jogged and the memories somehow seem fresher.

It’s just so easy to overestimate just how good our memories are and not take pictures when we are out and about (I am talking about normal people taking a few snaps of the moment, rather than the persons who turn up anywhere and take pictures of everything and miss actually being there. Though of course that might be their thing. Like people who pay £50.00 for a ticket to go and see a band and then watch them from the back of their phones screens). Even a bad photo can jog the memories that are hiding like little hidey things in the fog of your memory to events, times, places and people that might make you well up, sigh, or cringe. Such is the human condition. And people have these incredible, emotive pictures that they can look at to remember more fully things dear to them, and store away on their devices. From Phones, to tablets to laptops.

And a lot of these moments will only ever happen once. Like your babies first steps, your first kiss or that rather tight friend who doesn’t buy a round in the pub actually buying a round, as well as packets of crisps! And these moments are precious to you.


So back them up

Not on that USB stick that sometimes fails and you have to reformat it. Get a backup cloud solution. Something like Crashplan, which I use (and no, no kickbacks. The product does what it says it does).

Don’t leave your memories to chance. I can remember every photo I took here. Just by seeing them, the cascade of memories start. Where I to try and remember them, I just wouldn’t. My memory isn’t good enough.