Faux fur, red hair and laughter

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The good thing about being a trusted non-predatory photographer and normal human being, is that you can message someone on Instagram and say “Hey, do you fancy a shoot at my Studio?” They then read the message without excepting it (not yet anyway), look at your profile, see if there is anyone that you have shot with that may know you (and in this case we have a mutual acquaintance Rachel, who I love shooting with), so message excepted, idea for shoot agreed and shoot date set!

Joanna was a great sport. On the whole I am very lucky with who I get to shoot with. A sense of humour just makes everything so much nicer!

Joanna turned up with quite a few outfits and we just kinda mosied along with the shoot. My favourite outfit was the #fauxfur. There is just something wistful and romantic about them, as well as them being steely and strong.