Why do you need a Make-up artist for a shoot?

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Why do you need a Make-up artist for a shoot?


Makeup Artists. Why do I need one on a photo shoot?

This is a guest post to my blog by my good friend, make-up artist & co-collaborator Victoria Garcia. I asked her to write an article to explain exactly why a makeup artist is needed on ours and lots of other kinds of shoots.

Many people ask why they need a make-up artist and why they can’t do their own make up for a shoot.

There are a lot of reasons why make-up artists are used, for example their skill sets, understanding and deep knowledge of people’s face shapes, skin types, ages, etc. A good make-up artist will know what is likely to work and won’t.

Make-up for photography is a completely different from what you might put on yourself for a day out shopping with friends. Below are some concerns that are often raised by my clients before a photoshoot. 

I am worried I will look like a clown

Please don’t be! I will work with you on creating a look that makes you feel confident and amazing.  Prior to any shoot we’ll have a consultation and establish what make-up you normally wear, and how you would like to appear in the photos.

I want to try something dramatic and different!

Great! Who doesn’t want to try new things? But I always suggest doing this towards the end of the shoot.  If we try something new and dramatic and you don’t like it then the only way to change it is to remove it and start again which will eat in to your valuable shooting time.

But I don’t normally wear make-up and I want to look like me.

That’s no problem at all - I am extremely proficient at minimal make-up and you will hardly notice that it’s there.  

Are you going to try and sell me make-up products?

No. But if you love a particular product I have used, I will be more than happy to give you the name of it.

What else?

Digital cameras have changed drastically over the years with the inclusion of high definition and 4k which means pictures are going to be super sharp and clear. While this makes for fantastic pictures it does mean that makeup needs to be perfect to start with as any smudges or mismatched foundation shades for example, will show up.

As a make-up artist I have had years of experience of applying make up for photography which means I have worked on a wide variety of faces.  I tailor the make up to you and I will always work with your facial features to accentuate the beauty that is already there.

I’m also a trained hair stylist, so you can be sure your hair and make-up will complement each other perfectly.

Am I too old?

Certainly not! I have worked with clients of all ages, the oldest so far being 86. Age is just a number and anyone can benefit from professional make-up. 

Anything else I should know?

I have not been trained by one specific cosmetic company, but have experience with international lead artists and directors of various organisations such as MAC, Illamasqua, Airbase and Jemma Kidd.  I have a strong knowledge of studio lighting and how it affects the way in which the make-up appears in photographs.  I have extremely high standards of hygiene and professionalism and I have a wealth of experience of different ages and races, so you can sit back and relax knowing you’re in the hands of a professional. 

So, my make-up is done - then what happens?

As a make-up artist, my job is not finished when the make-up is applied. I will be in the studio with you and Andrew throughout the shoot to ensure your make-up stays looking perfect from start to finish and to make sure we are achieving the look you want.

Andrew and I have a fantastic team dynamic with the upmost trust in each other and our results speak for themselves.  So, with both of us working in unison you can relax knowing you’re going to get some amazing professional results.  

Victoria Garcia

Examples of my work with Andrew Clifton-Brown above