Use the resources around you. Family!

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Use the resources around you. Family!


So, sometimes when you're short on resources and a model but you have some kit on you (I was on holiday, single lens, one speed light, softbox and a gel pack) and a will to shoot, look to your family!

My youngest son Joe.  Poor thing.  He always becomes my model when I don't have other models available to shoot and I want to create something a bit different. Don't feel too sorry for him btw. He always gets paid for modelling for me!

This time, with a big staircase and his hair short, I just wanted to go for something odd.  The staircase was about twenty foot long and so I used my 70/200mm F2.8 Nikkor and shot up from the bottom of the stairwell. The strobe was set at 90 degrees to Joe and was slightly elevated, and had an orange gel tapped over it. After a few minutes Joe was confident enough to give it the attitude for the shot, and I got exactly what I was after.  A cinematic feeling image with attitude!