An interview with myself about my time in bmx in the 1980s


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Some of the messages I have subsequently received have been really positive and some of them weirdly negative. The main thrust of the negative comments is that I was being politik in my answers. Which makes me realise that a lot of people didn’t really know what was going on at the time or that they possibly can’t really accept a persons ability to grow emotionally and intellectually (a big word for me I know) and lastly ownership. Everyone wants to own that bit of the past they were part of and someone moving the chess pieces about doesn’t sit right with some people.

Life changes, people change and perspectives change. I can’t be the perennial Angry brown person I was then. It was to be fair a monumental time to be part of freestyle on the whole and I understand why people are protective of the era, and at the time we thought we knew it all.

In hindsight and with a bit more life experiences behind us and subsequently clarity, peoples motivations and the machinations of others become clear. A lot of the bad guys weren’t bad guys. And a lot of the good guys were far less than who and what they alluded to be.

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