9 & 9 things I love and hate about photographers and social media

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9 & 9 things I love and hate about photographers and social media


We hates....

1. Volumes of hashtags and multiple people tagged in a post. When there are so many hashtags and peoples names added to a post that it's nearly as big as the photo, you know it's too many. I'm no hater about this (contrary to being told I potentially was being one previously on this subject), but the majority of such posts scream 'love me, love my work'. Such posts don't need to be so overt. That is what I object too. People can be tagged in and alerted on Google plus at the posting stage and don't have to be tagged into the body of the post to get alerted. Not everything is going to go viral. Truth be told if something to do with you does go viral, it'll probably be someone that has videoed you on their phone camera when you were crossing the road with toilet paper hanging out the back of your trousers....

2. Photo thiefs. If it's not yours announce that it's not your shot on the post. When you post stolen pics up, deep in your soul, possibly,  you know it's wrong and potentially your love of an image has clouded your judgement. If you don't feel that way and you know the picture you are posting isn't yours and you're still looking to take credit for it, you're a picture stealing douche bag. All those likes or plusses you got for that image mean nothing.  There is nothing that will fill that need for adoration because you know it hasn't been earned. Not to mention you are infringing someone's copyright. When Pablo Picasso said "When there's anything to steal, I steal" he meant ideas.  He did not mean steal it in totality. 
Go create something yourself. Use the image as inspiration.  Be an artist. A creator of worlds! No one can say you're not an artist when you are creating something. 

3. Pixel peepers. I just don't get it. Still, luckily most of them won't reproduce.

4. Badly done HDR. It's the equivalent of ketchup covering a whole plate of food for me (be it well cooked or not). When HDR is done well, it looks pretty cool. I often wonder if people know that it stands for High Dynamic Range (means essentially more light than your cameras sensor can capture in one shot.  Also lookup 'bracketing') and not just 'make the image look like a five year old has coloured it in'.

5. Everything black and white.

I love black and white. It's something I get the mickey taking out of me about, but not everything works in black and white. Sometimes an image screams at you that it's colour and you know the damn thing has a point!  So be kind and give some of your shots colour love!

6. When your photo hits 'What's hot' on G+ and all the comments just go sideways and people start insulting you for having the temerity to put up a picture other people like. Or you just get random comments that you can't fathom out and may in fact be cryptic warnings from a future sentient internet warning you of an impending eco crisis in the 24th century for all the sense they make! Or they could just be from knob heads.

7. When you put up a pic of a model and creepy guys comment on it in ways that make you feel like you are somehow contributing to their creepiness.  Then you realise that they are probably just creepy on the whole and would more than likely look at a fruit bowl in the same way if that was all they had left to look at. Don't mention the Pears to them.

8.  When a stranger PMs you and asks you a question or wants your advice, and you sit down and take the time to reply rather than spending time with your partner or children because you have an honest belief in paying it forward. So you think about it, give them the answer they are after or try and point them in the direction they need to go in, and then they can't even be bothered to thank you for your time.  No reply.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.

This happens to me a lot and I still keep replying :P

9. Being called a Tog. I just do not care for it. 

We likes....

1. Community.  Some people do a stand up job of galvanizing people to continue shooting, to involve people and either generate such a sense of community by themselves, or they as part of a community that does great work.  Some online communities just blow me away by how much they give of their own time and the sheer level of knowledge they have to impart.  Their altruism makes me grin.

2. Seeing peoples work that makes you inspired.  That makes you want to pick up and wander around the house taking pictures of the most banal things because you are so inspired that you think that pepper pot would look just fantastic with a bit of shadow on the left side and a rim light from the hallway on it's right.

3. People you would otherwise never have met but for online social media.  I have made some fantastic friends here that I would otherwise never have met.  I am constantly blown away by the friendships I have made.

4. That one comment from someone on one of your shots where they sum up exactly what they see in the shot and it resolves squarely to what you were shooting and you know you have connected with someone nonverbally that you didn't believe was possible.

5. Feedback and not the kind of feedback you get from the adoring masses of six digit online personalities, but from your peers and the people you trust.  I do a lot of private shares asking people for their opinions.  Good or Bad, doing this has benefited me in so many ways I don't know where to start.You don't have to take everyones opinion on board, or have an Orwellian 'Doublethink' mind set but it's so easy to miss things when you are mired in the minutia.

6. Learning absolutely loads from people that I have met online.  And I mean loads! From tiny tips on grip or equipment to being with a fellow shooter who found a route down to the Thames to get some cracking shots.

7.  Not being afraid.  I've read a few blogs of late where the photographer/person tells you their tales and how they got to where they are professionally.  How they embraced change or took a few risks. I found it inspiring to read and have started to embrace 'not being afraid'. I'm still scared of a lot of aspects of photography, but now I choose not to let it stop me learning them, or taking that booking.

8. Youtube.  Whatever you think of that guy in Nebraska who smells of onions and can't pronounce 'shutter' properly (and makes you guffaw whenever he does),  the videos he makes on myriad cameras and their hidden functions are just so invaluable!  Youtube has saved my bacon more than a few times when looking at equipment to buy and seeing what it actually does 'in the flesh' so to speak, and has also made me purchase products of the back at looking at them on Youtube.

9. Seriously talented photographers who have no social media standing and they've been 'circled' or 'friended' by two old men, a couple of 'Baby head' profiles, a company that makes adult diapers and a dog that has a profile on social media with more followers than they do, and they still continue to post the most remarkable work regardless of their social media presence!

10. Tagged Number 10 on as I like to outweigh the negative and accentuate the positive:)